Nintendo Switch: The Highest Selling Console of 2020

According to data presented by, the Nintendo Switch is the highest selling console of 2020.

The data showed that it sold 15.6 million units as of September 2020, which is 65% more than the PS4 and Xbox combined! In fact, the console accounted for 87% of all console sales in Japan last year.

The site attributed this success to the popularity of first party Nintendo games on the console such as Zelda, Pokémon, and Mario.

Statistics also showed that annual sales for the Nintendo Switch have been increasing over the last three years, compared to the PS4 and Xbox, which showed an opposite trend.

The Switch reportedly sold 4 million units in the first quarter of 2020, but it was the March to August period that really skyrocketed sales. Another 9.6 million units were sold during this time.

Perhaps this success could be attributed to how assessable the Switch is to new players, or perhaps it was the global lockdown due to COVID-19 that contributed. The Nintendo Switch has reached around 63.4 million units sold in its lifetime so far.


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