Stardew Valley 1.5 Update for Consoles Submitted for Certification

The highly anticipated 1.5 update of Stardew Valley for consoles has been submitted for certification. This is one of the final steps in the process of releasing the update.

The game’s developer Eric Barone AKA Concerned Ape tweeted about the submission. He said that due to the certification process taking a variable amount of time, he cannot give an exact release date.

Barone added that despite that, he still felt that his initially projected release date of late January or early February is still likely.

The 1.5 update of Stardew Valley has already been released on PC. The update brought a wide variety of new and late-game content to the game.

Some of the more notable features include a new type of farm (the Beach Farm), splitscreen local co-op for up to three other players, new character events, new music tracks, and more.

That being said, many Stardew fans might agree that the three best new features are:

  • Being able to move your bed (Finally!)
  • Being able to sit on chairs (About time!)
  • Ducks can now swim (Perfect!)

Emmen Gaming will cover more information about the game and its updates in the days to come.


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