Capcom Sells $1500 Replica of Chris Redfield’s Coat

Have you ever wanted to spend over USD 1,500 on a coat? Then Capcom has the deal for you!

The Japanese game publisher has listed a replica of the coat worn by the character, Chris Redfield, in Resident Evil Village.

The coat has no buttons and comes in medium, large, extra-large, and an even larger version called the “original model”, which is reportedly modeled after Redfield’s proportions in the game.

While this might raise questions about whether everyone in the game is secretly super tall, the real point here is that this is just a coat. It looks like any other generic coat one could by from a store, except that it doesn’t even have buttons.

All this might seem nonsensical beyond parody, but it is worth remembering that Capcom also sold Leon’s bomber jacket back in 2016.

They sold it for around USD 1,200 and people did end up buying it. But to be fair, that jacket had at least a zipper so you could close it when the temperature drops.

It remains to be seen whether the gaming public will be willing to spend on this USD 1,500 jacket.

Do note that a PS5 and an Xbox Series X costs around USD 499 each. Resident Evil Village is slated to come out on 7 of May, 2021.


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