RE Village Art Director Reveals Lady Dimitrescu’s Height

The Art Director of Resident Evil Village, Tomonori Tanako has revealed a piece of information about the game that many fans were very thirsty for (pun intended); the height of the tall vampire woman, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu.

Yes, she has a name that’s not “Tall Vampire Mommy”.

Anyway, he revealed this crucial bit of information in a statement released via Twitter. In it, he thanked the fans for their interest in the game and said that Lady Dimitrescu has received fanfare locally and internationally.

And then he added, “I hear her height is something of interest”, making this the largest understatement of 2021 so far.

Moving on, it seems that Lady Dimitrescu is NINE FEET TALL?! She is 9 feet 6 inches to be more specific. That’s 2.9 meters for all the fans of the metric system.

It is also important to note that this is her height INCLUDING her hat and high heels. So maybe we should lower our expectations about a foot or two… So, there you have it, Resident Evil Village fans! The most important mystery posed by the trailers has finally been answered!


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