CD Projekt Red Suffers Hack, Refuses to Negotiate

Polish game developer CD Projekt Red has reportedly been the target of a cyber-attack.

The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 developer revealed this information on Twitter, adding that the perpetrators are asking for a ransom.

The hackers reportedly said that unless the ransom is paid, the code for games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and an “unreleased version of Witcher 3”.

They are also threatening to release documents relating to accounting, administration, legal, HR, investor relations, and more.

CDPR responded that they would not be paying the ransom, adding that they know that confidential information might be released online. They also said that they have secure backups of the data and that they have secured their IT infrastructure.

CDPR also said that no player data or personal information has been leaked. This has been just the latest in a series of controversies and obstacles faced by the developers, starting with the extremely botched release of Cyberpunk 2077.


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