Scalpers Selling Zelda Joy-Cons at 150% Markup

Scalpers have poached the limited-edition Legend of Zelda joycons for the Nintendo Switch, released just last week.

The joycons were released as part of the announcement that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is getting a remake.

Their original price was $80, but as soon as the preorders were made available on Best Buy and GameStop, scalpers cleared out the stock.

Predictably, these joycons showed up on eBay and other such sites with a disgusting price markup. Some of the lower prices were near $170 while some of the higher prices go up to $300!

There are even auctions where passionate fans are pitted against each other to offer more and more cash for something that was meant to bring them joy.

This is not the first time scalpers have wormed their way into gaming. The most recent scalper stories involved them snapping up thousands of next gen consoles at launch and basically holding them hostage from fans for exorbitant fees, often double (or more) of the retail price.

While some may argue that this is simply free market capitalism at work and that scalpers wouldn’t make money if there wasn’t a demand for it, others would respond that scalpers don’t produce anything and only self-insert themselves between the real producers and the customers like a useless middle manager no one asked for. But that’s ultimately for you, dear reader, to decide. In the meantime, let this be another story of scalpers scalping.


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