Genshin Impact – A Magical Escape Connecting Friends Old and New

I could go on about Genshin Impact, but it wouldn’t be enough.

This game is arguably the biggest phenomenon of 2020 and a simple google search tells you why. Or you could just ask one of your friends/colleagues/classmates. You’d probably get answers.

Personally for me, Genshin is an escape into a magical world, immersing myself in fantastic scenery, beautiful characters and incredible story and gameplay.

One of the main reasons I feel like everyone loves this game is because of how gorgeous the world of Tevyat is.

As the game motto says, we truly do step into a world of vast magical adventures. We are accompanied by a silly but adorable mascot (Paimon) and We meet a variety of interesting characters along the way.

The Gacha system is better than most of its kind out there and almost all the premium characters and weapons are obtainable by Free to play players as well as light spenders alike.

If we take a look at Genshin Impact’s social media accounts, all of them are super interactive and in touch with the latest trends. This game feels like it actually cares about you. Or to be more accurate, Mihoyo cares about player feedback. As such, it feels like a game we can all enjoy for a long time to come.

I started playing back in October 2020, a couple of months after We started adjusting life to new normal after Covid-19 changed our lives for the worse.

A friend basically shoved Genshin into my hands and promised me that it will be something I will come to adore. And I am so glad he did that. From the moment I downloaded the game to this day, I have no regrets about investing my time and energy into this.

I can honestly say that I was able to find stress relief, new adventures and a sense of joy which I haven’t felt while playing a video game in a long time.

Somewhere along the way, I started making Genshin art and posts on my Instagram and I was surprised by the amount of people on my Social media accounts who played Genshin. We were soon able to form a small community and it has been an incredible experience so far.

One of the key highlights of my Genshin experiences was how I reconnected with some childhood friends who I have drifted away from. The childhood nostalgia of gaming blended very well indeed with all of us starting our Genshin adventures.

Helping each other achieve things, playing coop modes and summing for our most anticipated characters soon became a sort of ritual. It is rare for a mobile game to have such incredible features. It is rarer for a game to connect people on such personal levels.

I will always think fondly of this game for the simple fact that it helped me to relax and escape at a time when I dearly needed it. I started the journey alone but now I have connected with friends in-game who share my passion and love for the game. The bond between us otaku/weebs is pretty solid!

There are also a lot of my IRL friends who I enjoy the game with. I can always count on one of them to assist me in things I need. I can always reach out to the friends who I have reconnected with. We could plan summoning parties together or artifact raids together over a coffee and have a grand old time.

The power of connections and new social / game media platforms has never been as profound.


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