KamiKaze Crowned Champions at First Asian Women’s PUBG Mobile Championship

Team KamiKaze has recently made regional history by being crowned champions at the PUBG Mobile Women’s Cup 2021.

The tournament was hosted by Playzone eSports and is the first women’s championship in the region.

The event was hosted online and was available for stream through the Playzone eSports Facebook page and YouTube channel. The participating teams had to submit in-game audio and gameplay of all the players to verify that they competed.

KamiKaze faced top teams from Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan on their journey to the championship title.

The finals of the tournament were held from March 30 to April 2, 2021. The top 16 teams that qualified from the group stages were able to take each other on and fight for supremacy. They played a total of 12 matches on 3 maps.

According to the team, KamiKaze maintained a top position in the table since day 1 and managed to maintain this until the finals.

KamiKaze scored a total of 191 points on their final day of play. These were 116 placement points and 77 kill points. The runner-up team, R3G from Pakistan, scored 147 points, while the second runner-up team, TDP from Nepal scored 147 points as well.

Some notable highlights of the tournament include the early lead the team was able to secure. This made them a target for other teams, which went on to hunt KamiKaze’s drop locations and targeted the team specifically.

Despite this, KamiKaze were able to hold onto their lead and secure the championship with a comfortable lead.

We at Emmen Gaming would like to take this moment to congratulate KamiKaze on their fantastic and historical achievement! We are very proud of you and are rooting for your future success as well.


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