Another Last of Us Remake Being Developed

Sony Studios is reportedly looking to remake the Last of Us. Again. 

They also reportedly rejected a pitch by Bend Studio to make a sequel to 2019’s underrated zombie game, Days Gone.

Most of our information comes from a Bloomberg report and it’s a lot, so let us try to summarize it for you:

  • A Last of Us remake codenamed TX1 was started by Michael Mumbauer, who is the founder of Visual Arts Service Group.
  • He assembled a small team of around 30 or so members.
  • He initially wanted to remake Uncharted 1, but reportedly settled on the Last of Us.
  • Sony wanted to keep the existence of the team and the project a secret, causing tension behind the scenes.
  • After the release of the Last of Us 2, more Naughty Dog developers moved to the project.
  • Mumbauer eventually left the project but it is still ongoing.
  • After the lease of Days Gone, Bend Studio pitched a sequel to Sony but it was rejected.
  • Sony instead decided to move Bend developers to two Naughty Dog projects (probably the rumored multiplayer Last of Us game and a rumored Uncharted sequel).
  • Some Bend staff became unhappy about losing their autonomy and left.
  • The Bend leadership complained to Sony and got the studio taken off developing the Uncharted game.
  • Bend is now reportedly working on an original project but it is NOT Days Gone 2.

And that’s what we know so far. 

The question of why the Last of Us, which already got a remake from PS3 to PS4 AND a sequel less than two years ago, deserves a remake while the PlayStation library is full of amazing games that could use a second lease at life is one that is being discussed online currently.

This whole story also raised concerns about how Sony treats the developers who work for them to make exclusives. 

Days Gone currently sits at a decent 71 on Metacritic with a User score of 8.3; this means the game was rated generally favorably. 

But if this is the way Sony treats the hardworking devs of that game, what hope is there for smaller and less successful developers? What is the true cost of the next Bloodborne or the next God of War?

Something to think about while you’re lamenting the loss of Days Gone 2, game-liker.


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