PS5 Update Introduces Bold New Features

PlayStation 5 is getting it’s first system update today and bringing big changes with it.

The update introduces features that we believe players will find useful and really awesome.

So, let’s have a look at some of these features that should be available on the PS5 after the update.

Storage Expansion and Management:

  • Users will be able to transfer games to USB storage devices from PS5’s internal storage. This is a great way to save up storage from the console and have your games backed up in external drives. PS5 has about 667GB of internal storage but it is always safer to have a backup of your important games.
  • Even though you are able to copy and transfer games between the external storage and PS5 internal storage, you will not be able to boot up the games directly from the storage itself as PS5 games are designed to take full advantage of the console’s internal SSD.
  • For supported PS5 titles you would be able to install select game modes.

Here is how you can format and transfer games to the external storage device.

Moving game files to external storage

Share Play

  • Share Play allows PS5 users to share their game screen with other players, they would also be able to play the games on the PS5 (the performance would depend on the internet). This function also allows PS4 users to play the game remotely when the PS5 user passes controller to them virtually.
Share PS5 screen with friends through Share Play

Another notable update allows PS5 users to customize the automatic trophy capture screen to only capture higher end trophies such as Gold or Platinum trophies. There is also a new Trophy Stats screen which shows a summary of your trophy achievement.

PlayStation mobile App is also to get new updates that allows users to check the storage of the PlayStation 5 remotely and also to be able to join multiplayer sessions on the console from the mobile application itself.

So, what do you think, game-likers? See anything you like?

We’re looking forward to trying Share Play and see just what it can do…


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