Amazon Cancels Lord of the Rings MMO

Amazon has axed it’s Lord of the Rings MMO which was announced to be in development back in 2019.

This MMO was being developed by Amazon and Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited. According to Bloomberg Amazon and Tencent (who acquired Leyou Technologies last December) were unable to negotiate an agreeable contract thus leading to the cancellation of the project.

Lord of the Rings MMO is the third game to be cancelled by Amazon. Previously, the company has cancelled Crucible, a free to play multiplayer shooter after a closed beta and allocated the resources for their brand new open world MMO New World. This new IP has also suffered three delays since announcement with the new release date set for August 2021.

Both Google and Amazon have been trying to capture the video gaming market in recent years, but with Google Stadia shutting down their first party games and Amazon struggling with internal issues in Amazon Games things are not looking too bright for either of the companies.


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