Google Stadia Gets “Amazing” New Feature

Google has recently announced that its gaming platform Stadia is going to get an amazing new feature.

What is this amazing new feature, you ask? Well, it’s… a search bar.

Yes. Google Stadia, the video game streaming platform created by Google 16 months ago (as of this writing) has been operating all this time without a search bar. Until now!

Google made this announcement proudly on the Stadia community website. Google said, and we quote, “it will make finding your favorite games much easier.”

This is technically true. We can’t search the Stadia library without a search bar. So we guess going from “impossible” to “possible” DOES make it easier to search for our favorite games.

We are having some trouble pinpointing the worst part of this story and Google’s approach to Stadia in general.

Is it the fact that a company that made its money off being the number one search engine in the world put so little thought into their game streaming service that they didn’t even think to give users the option to search for games on it?

Or is it the fact that they posted about adding this basic and arguably necessary feature, as if they had achieved something great?

Or is it the fact that Google keeps trying to brute force a foothold in the gaming industry through Stadia by hiring and firing game devs, starting and cancelling projects, and keeping the Stadia alive through sheer force of the Google budget, despite lack of widespread interest?

Who can say.

In the meantime, let’s get back to Google’s latest update. In addition to a search bar, they also decided to gift users with a few other features.

Google highlighted an updated UI for the service and the ability to sort users’ libraries. They also mentioned an ‘Activity Feed’, which looks like a timeline made up of gaming clips and pictures posted to friends.

You can also now access Stadia through an Android web browser, and not just the app… in case you wanted to do that for whatever reason.

Before we stop talking about these new features, it is worth mentioning that Google has no dates for the upcoming content to share, and that these are mock ups, not the final design.

This bit of information paints this update in a new light. The final design could look like anything, if it comes at all.

Either way, Google Stadia finally now has a search bar.

Maybe they should have had a silent rollout on this one across the service…


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