Pre-Registration for NieR: Re[in]carnation Opens in the West

SquareEnix has opened pre-registrations for the upcoming NieR: Re[in]carnation in North America, Europe, and Korea.

The game is set to come out for iOS and Android and has a cute (?) trailer showing a girl called ‘Girl in White’ and a little ghost-looking thing called ‘Mama’ (nothing weird about that, right?) wandering through what looks like the environments of ICO for the PS2. The place seems to be called ‘the Cage’, which is definitely a name from the “Top Ten List of Place Names You Should Run Away From”. 

You can watch the trailer here.

What the game is about, where it fits on the Drakengard/NieR timeline (if at all), who the main characters are, where the Cage is located, etc are all currently unknown. However, it is known that the game will be directed by none other than the master of existential pain himself, Yoko Taro. 

Plus, Keiichi Okabe is returning to compose at least 20 entirely new songs, not repeated from any of the other NieR games! Taro himself reportedly requested the songs cover a variety of styles while maintaining the established atmosphere of the NieR games.

In any case, players who pre-register for the game stand a chance to receive an invitation to the closed beta of the game, which is reportedly coming soon.

The game’s official website has a pre-registration campaign going. It offers greater rewards in game, the more players sign up. The highest reward being offered right now is 3000 gems to all pre-registered players if the total pre-registrations reach 300,000.

We look forward to seeing how this all plays out and what NieR: Re[in]carnation adds to the bleak but beautiful work of NieR.


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