Hades Could Be Coming to the PS4

News broke quite recently that Hades was rated by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee. This is exciting because it could be a hint that this much-loved game could finally be coming to the PS4!

The discovery was made by modiz on ReserERA. It was also discovered that Take Two would be publishing the PS4 version.

Hades is an Ancient Greece-themed rogue-like with a fantastic narrative and incredibly fun gameplay. We reviewed it here, if you want to learn more. Spoiler: We loved it.

The game was made by Supergiant Games, the creators of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. This is their 4th (and arguably best) game.

The game came out in early access on Steam in 2018 and officially launched on PC and the Nintendo Switch in September 2020. The game went on to garner numerous nominations at the Game Awards, winning two.

If you’ve been curious about the game or you like Greek mythology or you like roguelike gameplay or if you are a fan of excellent music, this is a fantastic game to add to your list. 

So far, this is all we have on the story. However, when games are registered this way, they usually do end up being announced later. 

We will keep you posted on the story as it develops.


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