Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Breaks Player Record on Steam

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has already broken a record on Steam since its release just 3 days ago.

As of this writing, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has gone on to gain a higher number of concurrent players than any previous Mass Effect game and any previous BioWare game! 

The game also achieved EA’s second-highest concurrent player total at its launch. The only EA game with more concurrent players was Apex Legends.

Its peak concurrent player total as of this writing is 59,650 players. (Source.) The overall user review rating is currently “Very Positive”.

The game remasters the original Mass Effect trilogy and adds some bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and improves the visuals.

The Mass Effect trilogy has been hailed as one of gaming’s most prominent and beloved trilogies… the controversial original ending of ME3 notwithstanding.

If you’ve ever wanted to try the series out, the Legendary Edition is a great way to do it.


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