Here’s How You Can Help Palestine

There has been continued aggression towards Palestinians from the IDF since last week.

Israeli riot police attacked the Al-Aqsa mosque and the worshippers inside during the last days of Ramadan, while a large crowd of Israeli settlers forced people out of their homes in Sheikh Jarrah after an Israeli court declared the ‘eviction’ of Palestinians from their homes.

More than 200 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli forces in Gaza since last week. This is extremely tragic, especially when we see popular news sources downplaying the seriousness of this issue by labelling it as a ‘conflict’ or a ‘confrontation’.

More than 58,000 Palestinians have been intentionally displaced from Gaza, among them 2,500 people will never see their homes again as IDF has bombarded them to rubble.

We are seeing a lot of news outlets hesitant to report on this issue as it could get them in trouble for “being too political”. That is why we applaud the decision made by the editorial staff of IGN to write about this issue as they have continued talking about important topics such as BLM and Stop AAPI Hate.

However, the senior executives and the parent company of IGN opted to unceremoniously remove the article a day and a half later without consulting the original writers, IGN staff, or the public.

The article was shared widely and was written in order to raise awareness and funding to somewhat ease the suffering of the people of Palestine.

The staff at IGN have since posted an article on Medium, openly calling out their executives and their parent company for this blatant act of silencing the press and demanding an explanation.

Unlike before, this time some game media like Kotaku and Gamespot have also covered this issue.

Despite Israel and its allies trying to censor the information coming out of Gaza or trying to change the narrative of what is really happening, we are seeing more and more people standing in solidarity with Palestine.

We at Emmen Gaming decided that we should also use whatever means we have to try and help.

Linked below are some organizations who are currently accepting donations to help the people of Palestine. For most Maldivians, this might actually be a better option.

Let us show our solidarity by donating to organizations that are doing what they can to help the people of Palestine.

International Aid Campaign Maldives

Founded in 2016, IAC (International Aid Campaign) is an initiative of EHEE in collaboration with more than 150 local affiliates with the effort to unify under the common objective of providing humanitarian aid to those in need all around the world.

Phone: 9122121 | Email:

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Your donation helps send volunteer surgeons, provide medication, treat injured kids broad, and provide many other important humanitarian services to sick and needy children. 

Gaza Emergency Relief Fund

Gaza’s extreme emergency-Israeli pilots are targeting apartment buildings in every city in Gaza. Forewarned of bombing, families are crowding into UN schools, locked-shut due to COVID-19, without staff, no vaccines, no PPE’s, no way to socially distance. These are super-spreader events. When Israel stops bombing, families forced into crowding, exposed to COVID will get sick in 14 days – with many dying soon after. Our Palestinian NGO partners need help to safely provide food, hygiene, & bedding.


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