Palestine Relief Charity Cup Earns MVR 125,000

The local PUBG mobile fundraiser event known as Palestine Relief Charity Cup has managed to raise MVR 125,000!

The news was shared on Twitter by the event’s organizers, the local esports association, E2S. 

E2S went on to thank all the donors to the fundraiser, their event partners, the teams that participated, and local gamers. They offered thanks for the work done around the clock to donating and getting others to donate to the cause as well.

According to E2S, the initial target for donations was MVR 100,000 but the amount received surpassed it.

We previously reported that the Palestine Relief Charity Cup launched last Friday, May 21. The purpose of the event was to help raise funds to help the Palestinians suffering in Gaza and to provide them humanitarian aid. 

More than 100 teams took part in the charity cup. The entry fee and any donations made during the event were donated to the International Aid Campaign, Gaza Relief Fund. 

E2S has previously stated that they would release the bank statement for the BML MVR bank account used for the charity after the event has concluded. This was done to create more transparency regarding the handling of the funds.

We at Emmen Gaming applaud local gamers for stepping up in a major way for a humanitarian cause and E2S for using its resources and influence in a positive way like this. 

Once again, our hearts go out to the Palestinian people who are suffering under the brutality of Israeli police and settlers.


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