PUBG 2021 Development Plan Revealed

The 2021 development plan for Player Unknown: Battleground (PUBG) has been revealed. The plan revealed that there will be a remaster of Miramar, respawns will be added, and there will also be two new 8×8 maps – Codename: Tiger and Codename: Kiki.

An article by IGN interviewed the creative director of PUBG, Dave Curd revealed further details. So, let’s quickly rundown of what’s coming up this year for the game.

Back to Miramar

Curd said that one of the early focuses of development in 2021 was remastering Miramar. He said that though the team brought significant visual upgrades, there have also been updates made to enhance the gameplay. 

Miramar is PUGB’s second ever map and looks like rugged, off-road terrain with wide open spaces. The new changes will add new weather sets for clear, overcast, sunrise, and sunset. Building interiors and terrain effects will also be updated.

Another point to mention is that Miramar will be getting a new vehicle called the Quad. It has a low op speed but high acceleration, “insane” off-road handling, and very good turn radius.

Then there’s the new weapon they are introducing. This weapon is a high-powered sniper rifle called the Lynx AMR (AMR here stands for anti-material rifle). The weapon will spawn somewhat uncommonly and only has 5 rounds, but it can easily destroy a player or a vehicle in a few shots. 

Respawns and Codename: Tiger

Curd then went on to talk about the new 8×8 map they are introducing called Codename: Tiger. This is the first 8×8 map the game has had in three years. It is also meant to honor the game’s Korean history. 

PUBG will also be testing out a respawn feature similar to games like Call of Duty. This map is one of the places where this new feature will be tested. Though exactly how it will work has not been revealed by the team. 

Curd went on to proudly say that Codename: Tiger will be based on Korea. He said that this was the biggest Korean game of all time and thus, inspires a feeling of patriotic ride among the team. As such, the team wanted to showcase a part of the world not often seen in games.

Exploration and Codename: Kiki

Codename Kiki is another 8×8 map that is coming to PUBG soon. It is currently planned for late 2021 or early 2022.

The map will reportedly have a “diverse set of locations, from mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers to swampland to subways to underwater buildings”. 

All of this probably means that this will be the most exploration-based Battleground yet. According to Curd’s interview, this map will show off some of the newest innovations the team is working on. However, they aren’t ready to reveal the full list of these innovations just yet.

Curd described Codename: Kiki as “a living, feral, hostile world and less of a playground”. Though the traditional ways of play will still be viable, players apparently have more options for traversal, downtime, and exploration. 

Good Things Ahead

This has been the gist of what has been revealed by the PUBG team to IGN regarding the upcoming updates. This is the first part of the 2021 Dev Plan. 

The second part will be unveiled in the near future. It will focus more on changes to the core gameplay and services that players can look forward to this year. 

And when it is revealed, you can be sure that we at Emmen Gaming will bring it to you. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the new maps and concepts presented here.


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