Far Cry 6 Release Date Officially Announced

Ubisoft has officially confirmed the release date of Far Cry 6.

The official date for the game’s release was revealed to be 7 October. Ubisoft revealed this date during a Far Cry livestream which aired on 28 May.

Based on the trailers released so far, it appears that this game will take place in a nation called Yara which is controlled by a fascist dictator named Anton Castillo, played by the phenomenal actor Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, the Mandalorian). The game shows him as a tyrant who waxes poetic about his oppressive regime as he raises a son in his lavish palace.

The main character seems to be a woman named Dani Rojas. Dani seems to have a connection to and a grudge against Castillo. She seems to be working with local guerilla fighters to take on the dictator and his armed forces.

The game will reportedly feature the largest location yet for players to explore and play in. The game intends to present the entire nation of Yara to the players as their sandbox. Inspired by Cuba, Yara will feature different locations and biomes for the player to explore.

This is a significant departure from previous Far Cry games, which usually stuck to one type of biome or environment. Eg: The Rook Islands from Far Cry 3 offered a tropical setting from start to finish.

Far Cry 6 will also feature the kinds of weird and memorable weapons the series is known for. The most eye-catching one so far is a gun that fires out CDs playing the 90’s hit, Macarena. Far Cry is such a weird series, y’all…

Anyway, here’s another fun fact about the upcoming game. The main character Dani will be wearing a real watch that is available in the real world as a kind of promotion for the watch and its brand. 

The watch is called the Khaki Field Titanium Auto and was made by the US-based watch company, Hamilton. The watch in the game looks gorgeous with its rugged brown leather strap. However, the price of the watch in real life is less gorgeous, costing USD 995! For comparison, a PlayStation 5 costs USD 499.

Let us also take a moment to highlight the excellence that Giancarlo Esposito brings to this game, as far as the trailers are concerned. His narration and his acting helps create this quiet yet sinister vibe that hangs over Castillo like a metaphorical cloak. He feels like someone who could praise you genuinely one moment and order your execution the next.

According to an interview by some of the developers of the game, when they met Esposito about the character, he had a lot of notes on the script given and many more questions for the developers. He also brought two props to the meeting. They were a cigar and a ball (to represent the grenade seen in this trailer). He apparently used them to help him embody the character.

The developers said that Esposito really honed in on Castillo being a father. He wants to portray a deep and nuanced relationship between his character and the character of his son. We are really looking forward to seeing his performance in the game.

Last but certainly not least, Ubisoft has stated that their new game about fighting a fascist dictator in a country based on real-life Cuba, for which they interviewed real guerilla fighters to portray a revolution as accurately as possible… is not political. 

This is nothing new, of course. Ubisoft has a long tradition of taking topics and imagery from today’s headlines and using them in their games. 

A game like the Division 2 which shows US rightwing extremists rushing into Washington DC and causing chaos really hits differently today, considering what happened at the start of this year

But don’t worry, dear readers! That doesn’t mean that the Division 2 is a political game. All it means is that it looks political, sounds political, uses political themes, and takes examples from real life politics. That’s all.

Anyway, Far Cry 6 is going to be released on 7 October!

It features the excellence of Giancarlo Esposito as the villain.

It’s going to have a gun that lets you kill fascists with the Macarena!

And of course, it’s “not political”.

Pre-order Far Cry 6


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