New Local eSports Organization Makes Its Debut

A new organization known as the Island Gaming Project has made its debut into the local esports scene.

IGP burst onto the scene with an announcement on Instagram (with promotional posts on other social media). You can check out their first post here

We caught up with them over the weekend to learn a little bit more about them. We asked them about who they are, what they do, why they do it, and most importantly, what they have planned for the future.

According to Co-Founder Ibrahim Salah, he and fellow Co-Founder Nashyan Waseem created IGP to be an esports organization looking to accelerate the growth of esports locally through tournaments and events. He added that in addition to competitive and casual tournaments, IGP also intends to provide a platform for gamers and esports teams to make a name for themselves within the domestic community.

Salah went on to state that IGP was created due to a frustration in the low frequency of domestic esports tournaments. He added that they felt like there was something they could do to create more demand for local esports and gaming related events. 

When asked about how they plan to operate, Salah stated that IGP would be starting with console-only tournaments. He explained that this was the platform the team was the most familiar with at the moment, adding that they intended to pursue PC and mobile gaming in the future as well. 

As for the team itself, Salah stated that they were a small but dedicated team working towards the goals they’ve set for themselves. He also added that friends of the team have been pivotal in getting the word across through social media since their launch.

We then asked Salah about IGP’s future plans. He started off by stating that they wanted IGP to grow into an organization deserving of people’s respect. He went on to state that they wanted to become mainstays in the local esports scene and to have regular tournaments for a wide variety of games. He added that they will be working towards in-person tournaments, as health and safety permits.

As of this writing, IGP have announced their first friendly tournament. Dubbed, R6 Exhibition Challenge, the tournament will be a Rainbow Six Siege tournament. The announcement also states that the tournament will also be held in the same format as Rainbow Six Siege Pro League matches and will be PlayStation only. 

Registrations are currently open for this tournament. You can see the original post here

We at Emmen Gaming welcome the Island Gaming Project to our local gaming community. We look forward to seeing what they bring to the local esports scene.

If you want to check IGP out and get a front row seat on what new events and announcements they have planned, head on over to their socials, as listed below.

Facebook: @islandgamingproject

Twitter: @TIGPOFFICIALInstagram: @theislandgamingproject


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