Emmen Gaming E3 Coverage – Part 4

Hello and welcome to part 4 of our coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it is more commonly known. 

Organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the event has had a long run up to this point. 

Today’s update has a lot of game announcements. There’s a lot to get through so we’ll keep it short and sweet.

There’s a lot to be excited about so let’s take a look at some of the notable announcements and details that have come out so far. 

(Let us know if we miss anything and we’ll be sure to include it next time!)

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Do you all remember James Cameron’s Avatar? That movie with blue aliens that got a lot of hype once upon a time for its stellar visual effects, especially when viewed in 3D? Well, it’s getting a video game!

Announced by Ubisoft, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora came with a pretty cinematic trailer for us to enjoy. 

No news on a release date beyond “2022” though. We’ll cover this game more as more information comes.

Godfall: Fire & Darkness

You’ve heard of a remaster… but have you heard of a DEmaster? We say this because Godfall, a game that was released to the PS5 and Microsoft Windows, is now coming to PS4.

The release date is currently set to be 10 August, 2021. So far, all we have is this pretty graphic and this trailer to go on.

If you’re one of the people who was swept away by this game but never got to try it, this puts the game within reach.


Steelrising is a game that takes place in an alternate Paris in 1789. The game blends history and science fiction by taking this version of the French Revolution and adding armies of robots into it. 

You play as Aegis, an “automaton” that looks female and is the bodyguard of famed historical figure Marie Antionette. She is sent into the streets of Paris to end the tyranny of King Louis XVI’s… *checks notes* robot army. 

Check this cool trailer out! This might be a fun game for roleplaying game fans, people who like robots, and people who like alternate history.

Death’s Gambit – Afterlife

Death’s Gambit was a pretty underrated 2D platformer released by the American studio, White Rabbit. It was originally released in 2018. However, it didn’t get the recognition many felt it deserved.

Now, three years later, the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. With a cool new trailer boasting a ton of extra content including new bosses and weapons, the game looks about ready to take a second shot at the spotlight.

If you’re a fan of 2D side scrolling adventures with RPG elements, this one might be just what you’re looking for!

Black Book

Publisher HypeTrain Digital and developer Morteshka have unveiled a new trailer for the game, Black Book.

Originally announced in January 2020, the game is an RPG based on Russian mythology. Specifically the myth about Bailichka, which was a story about a meeting with spirits.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for the title here.


Another new trailer game from publisher Humble Games and developer Idoz. It was for their title, Archvale.

The game looks to be a pixel-art bullet hell RPG game. The frenetic trailer shows the game off to be a really intense bullet hell experience with a really lovely pixel aesthetic. 

There’s also a co-op mode!


Released by Akupara Games and developed by Clover Bite, Grime is set to be a 2D side scrolling RPG.

The game was originally announced during Gamescom 2020, where it got a trailer as well.

Now, we have a new trailer and still no gameplay. So, this is to say that this game is also being made.


Sometimes, video games have a way of bringing together multiple interests into a fantastic mash-up experience. 

This game by publisher Raw Fury and developer Ota Imon Studios looks like it takes our love for turn-based RPGs and our love for the mecha genre and smashes them together to make an extremely energetic and fun-looking turn-based mecha RPG! It also is deliberately monochrome as a stylistic choice, which looks really good!

Check out this bombastic trailer here. If you’re a mecha fan or an RPG fan, should be on your wishlist.

Hunt the Night

This might sound like a bit of a running theme, but here’s another 2D pixel-art action adventure. This one is made by Moonlight Games and is published by Dangen Entertainment.

The game’s pixel art trailer was absolutely gorgeous and showcased a fast-paced combat and movement system, along with a few really well-designed bosses. The game evoked a Bloodborne vibe for us.

Though no release window has been announced, we do know that the game is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Also, here’s the amazing trailer.


The next game on our list of announcements is called Deathtrash. The game is a pixel-art post-apocalyptic RPG developed by Crafting Legends.

The game is slated for Steam Early Access later this year, with the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions soon to follow.

This recent trailer shows off an extremely bleak and messed up world that looks like it’s right out of a black metal album cover. The game features eldritch abominations and mountains of meat just lying about.

Definitely a unique-looking game.

The Light of Darkness

This next one is developed by Quartomundo and is called the Light of Darkness. It looks to be a Metroidvania side scrolling RPG starring a character that looks to be a fusion of angel and demon.

The trailer they released showcases some of the environments, gameplay systems, and story elements.

Take a look if you want to add a unique flavor to your side-scrolling RPG collection.


From the minds at Volcano Bean comes the bakery RPG known as BattleCakes. It was originally announced in 2017 and will be coming to Xbox and PC in 2021.

The trailer for the game looks exceptionally cute and seems to have a fun vibe. 

Check this out if you’re into a more lighthearted RPG experience.

Just Dance 2022

Ubisoft has announced a new iteration to the Just Dance franchise. Dubbed Just Dance 2022, the game is set to bring back the hours of fun music and dancing the previous iteration had and more.

With this new trailer showcasing singer, dancer, actor, director, and choreographer Todrick Hall, the new game looks to be really fun. Hall also mentioned that his song Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels will be in the game, adding that it would be a special Just Dance version of the song.

This game is a good time for the whole family, so keep your eyes peeled for its release.

Mario + Rabbids – Spark of Hope

Last but certainly not least, we have a new Mario + Rabbids game. 

With this exciting new trailer that shows off Rabbids Rosalina, the game is set to be another exciting romp with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and their Rabbid friends. 

This tactical turn-based RPG is slated to be released in 2022.


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