Local Game Developers Receive Epic Games Grant

The developers behind Thakuru Wars have been awarded the grant under Epic Game’s MegaGrant scheme.

Epic MegaGrant is a scheme where developers, entrepreneurs and individuals working in the creative field are supported by Epic Games financially for their projects.

Thakuru Wars is an online multiplayer battle royale game which is currently out on Google Play and iOS. The game was released in collaboration with local telecommunications company Dhiraagu. What makes Thakuru Wars unique is that this game is entirely based around Maldivian characters and settings.

After the initial release of Thakuru Wars, the developers are now focusing on updating the game with new features and improving the overall stability of the game.

The devs are teasing this new update as a ‘game changer’ and are reworking the game based on feedback from the players.

We at Emmen Gaming are very keen to try out Thakuru Wars after the update goes live. We are also very interested in reviewing this game in one of our segments. Till then, we wish the development team of Thakuru Wars the very best and congratulate the team for winning the Epic MegaGrant.


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