Apex Legends Hacked by Hackers Angry about Titanfall Hackers

Respawn’s popular game, Apex Legends was hacked yesterday. 

Some PC Players saw the in-game playlists and notifications full of messages about how Respawn hasn’t done enough to fight hackers in Titanfall.

The hacked messages also advertised a website (SaveTitanfall.com), which states that EA and Respawn haven’t done enough to fix the hacking issue of the old shooter.

Titanfall 1 and 2 have been suffering from DDOS attacks for some time now. Titanfall 1 is in such a state that it is unplayable except for when the hacker allows players or their hack crashes. Despite this unplayable state, the game is still available on digital stores.

You can check out this video by Upper Echelon Gamers about it to get a clearer picture. There’s also a video about Titanfall 2’s problems, if you’re interested. 

Respawn has since responded to the Apex Legends hack, first acknowledging it and then apparently resolving it. 

Perhaps after fixing Apex, Respawn might look at Titanfall as well.


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