What You Need to Know About the New Genshin Update

We finally have a date for the most highly anticipated Genshin Impact update in recent history. The version 2.0 livestream broadcast on 09th July, Friday, amidst much community hype.

“The Immovable god and the eternal Euthymia” will be the official name for the 2.0 update which will finally give players access to Inazuma, the third region of the map.

The update will go live on 21 July. Here are some of the most exciting content we will be getting!

Inazuma is Japanese themed and ruled by the Raiden shogun, the electro archon, who is currently carrying out the Vision Hunt Decree.

First things first: playable characters. Kamisato Ayaka, the 5* cryo sword character, who has been charming players since the game’s beta days, is to be the first banner of 2.0. Yoimiya, 5* Pyro bow character will be the second banner along with Sayu, 4* Anemo Claymore.

The main archon quest will be continued in inazuma with 2 main acts being released. Inazuma itself will have 3 explorable islands that have incredibly unique design and geography. There will be new puzzle mechanics, enemies, treasures to be discovered as well as two new artifact sets: Shimenawa’s Reminiscence and Emblem of Severed fate.

There will also be two new 5* weapons: Mistsplitter’s Reflection (sword) and Thundering Pulse (bow). These weapons will be available in the weapon banner. New 4* craftable weapons are also going to be available in inazuma.

The serenitea Pot also gets a new feature which lets us farm plants in our teapot. Players will be able to collect seeds from the open world and sow them in true gardening fashion. There is also an introduction of a new gadget which allows you to produce a random artifact of specific sets once you feed 3 five star artifacts into it. This is a refreshing change for those players who grind for gladiators finale and wanderers troupe!

Thunder sojourn will be the main event of the update, the completion of which will reward us with a free Beidou and many more rewards. There’s also a bunch of comeback events such as leyline overflow, theater mechanicus and lost riches event.

There’s many more exciting details here and there and it’s on July 21st we can finally dive into Inazuma and explore all the incredible new content.

It certainly looks like mihoyo is paying careful attention to player feedback and community sentiments.


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