Respawn Announces Apex Legends: Emergence

After weeks of in-game teasers, Respawn finally announced Season 10 of their battle royale game Apex Legends.

The season is called “Emergence” and takes a similar approach of the previous season in which the season is known by name rather than a number.

The new season is set to be release on 3 August 2021 and is going to bring a lot of changes to the Apex Games.

At this moment, they’ve only released a launch trailer and a gameplay trailer.

Let’s check out what we know so far.

New Legend:

This season introduces the games 18th playable legend, Obi who is known by his codename “Seer”.

Looking at his lore, from his birth he was considered as a cursed child and was treated like a outcast. The reason behind is that he was born with glowing blue eyes and to a mother with a moth tattoo on the day his planet was destroyed. He have glowing blue eyes.

Due to these circumstances, the community believed him to be foretold cursed child from the forklore “The Moth and the Flame”.

Despite this his parents loved him dearly. His father taught him about microdrones and his mother taught him dancing and to appreciate art. He used the lessons to develop a mesmerizingly elegant but brutal fighting style.

It was his fame from fighting in the underground arenas got him into the games and from the in-game teasers, he was so famous that all of the legends whom participated Apex Games knows him.

In terms of his abilities his passive “Heartseeker”, while aiming down sights, he can hear the heartbeat of nearby enemies and discover their location.

In his tactical “Focus of Attention” he releases several minidrones and after a delay they mark all enemies in front of him, interrupting their use of healing items/revives and revealing their locations and health to Seer and his allies for eight seconds.

In his ultimate, “Exhibit” he throws out his heart chamber, which releases hundreds of mini drones that form a sphere. Enemies that move quickly or fire their weapons in the sphere are marked, revealing their location and footsteps to Seer and his allies.

He is classified to be as part of Recon class. His abilities makes him more of tracker like Bloodhound rather than a scout like Crypto, whom both are part of the same class. His kit is more suited more into close combat fight than ranged.

New Weapon:

This season adds a brand new weapon called “Rampage LMG”. It is part of the LMG class and uses Heavy Ammo.

The gun sets itself from the other LMG’s by being having a slower rate of fire but is more powerful version than Spitfire and makes it an ideal mid-range weapon. The gun is similar to 30-30 Repeater and Bocek Compound Bow in terms not being a threat at close quarter.

The gun can be charged like the Sentinel but uses thermite grenade. Once charged, the fire rate increases and is able to destroy doors similar to grenades.

Ranked Arena and map changes:

Ranked Arena is also being introduced in Emergence. It works in the the similar way Ranked Battle Royale (BR) works as both Ranked and the normal BR mode are separated. In order to start the ranked mode you have to play 10 Ranked matches as that will figure out where you will be placed.

In Ranked Arena you will get Arena Points (AP). Unlike Ranked BR, you will get AP for wins not for kills. In addition, there is no entry cost for Ranked Arena.

Unlike in Ranked BR, there will be Ranked Arena split in the midway of the season but similar to Ranked BR, players that abandon the match will be given a temporary matchmaking ban and will be unable to join the queue. In addition, if a teammate abandons you, you will receive a loss forgiveness for that match.

In this season, the maps are based on existing Artillery (King’s Canyon), Thermal Station (World’s Edge) and Gardens (Olympus) landmarks are getting rotated out. Instead three new landmark maps are rotating in Hillside (King’s Canyon) , Dome (World’s Edge) and Oasis (Olympus).

Map Changes:

Due to Hammond’s continued efforts to mine Talos for it natural resources, there is a lot of consequence seen in World’s Edge. The point-of-interest (POI) that are being effected are Sorting Factory, Train Yard, Refinery and they being replaced by Lava Siphon, Landslide and Climatizer.

In both Climatizer and Lava Siphon there will be movable Gondola carts that will provide safe passageway and cover for teams like how the trains did in World’s Edge in Season 3-5.

World’s Edge will be the map in the first split will is scheduled to begin in 3rd August 2021 and ends on 21st September 2021. The second split will take place in King’s Canyon where the remainder of the season will play out.

Apex Legends: Champion Edition – Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends: Bloodhound Edition – PS4

Apex Legends: Lifeline Edition – PC

Apex Legends: Bloodhound Edition – Xbox One


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