PUBG to Make Even Flying to the Battlefield Dangerous

The newest update to the hugely popular battle royale game, Player Unknown Battleground is adding an emergency landing feature to make even dropping into the battlefield more dangerous and thrilling.

The patch notes for update 13.1 have gone live and it’s full of new features and additions. One of the most interesting features, and the focus of this article, is the new emergency landing feature. 

According to the notes, an engine failure scenario will be added to the game’s starter plane. This “emergency landing plane” will move faster than the others and will be declining in altitude as it moves across the map.

Emergency landing planes can be easily identified by how they move faster than the usual plane. Oh, and they’re also on fire and crashing. 

One more thing to note is that you can choose to remain on the plane for the duration of its flight. But you suffer 50% damage for your efforts if you do. 

PUBG update 13.1 will be bringing the emergency landing plane and other cool new features to PC on 4 August and consoles on 12 August.


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