MGS Speedrunning Community Shocked After New Bug Discovery

The Metal Gear Solid speedrunning community is in shock after the discovery of a new bug that could shave off a significant amount of time from the current best run.

The bug was discovered by a streamer known as Boba and can potentially save as much as two and a half minutes for speedrunners. She posted a video of her discovering the bug, which you can watch below.

This bug allows players to skip a section of the game where they would be going down stairs on the outside of a building while being shot at by a helicopter. 

Others have begun testing this bug to see if it is consistent and so far, the general consensus seems to be yes. Here’s footage of someone else replicating it.

The skip is now being referred to as the Boba Skip by some of the community members. 

And though two minutes thirty seconds might not seem like a lot to non-speedrunners, it is an eternity to those who spend months and years shaving literal seconds off their speedruns.

We look forward to seeing what the fastest completion of MGS ends up becoming. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can try this link.


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