Fortnite to Introduce Impostors Game Mode

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will be getting a new game mode named Fortnite – Impostors. 

The new high fidelity game mode will support a total of 10 players. In each round, players will be split into teams of 8 agents and 2 impostors. The game mode takes place on a new map called the Bridge.

The eight agents must work together to root out the imposters among them while maintaining order on the Bridge. Each agent will have a number of unique objectives to complete on the map and each imposter will have one goal: eliminate enough agents to take over the Bridge without being voted off the map.

The impostors will have special abilities to aid them in their task. These include abilities like the power to freeze the progress of agents’ unique objectives or the ability to teleport and relocate agents around the map.

Players can join ongoing games in groups or create their own private games. Also, they can communicate and vote at the control room’s discussion panel but public voice chat is turned off for this game mode. 

You can check out the trailer for the new game mode below.

If this news reminds you of a certain famous indie game with a similar premise, you are not alone. The announcement has drawn both favorable and unfavorable comparisons of Among Us.

Time will tell whether this game mode will prove to be popular or not.


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