Highlights of Genshin Impact Update 2.1 Livestream

The 2.1 update livestream was broadcast by Mihoyo this past Friday.

The official name given to this update is “Floating World Under the Moonlight” and it will be releasing on 1st September 2021..

A lot of new and exciting content was shown off in the livestream.

So let’s take a look at what is going to come in the 2.1 update.

Archon and Story Quest

Previously in Chapter II, the Traveler journeyed to the closed off island nation of Inazuma on their quest. The Traveler got to learn about the lifestyles of people and got to experience about the infamous “Vision Hunt Decree” first hand, along with how taking the Vision from a vision bearer can affect them.

Due to this, Kamisato Ayaka was able to convince the Traveler to join the Resistance. In the first confrontation against the almighty Raiden Shogun, the Traveler was defeated and later the joined the ranks of the Sangonomiya resistance forces led by Sangonomiya Kokomi.

“Omnipresence Over Mortal” is the name of the Act III of Chapter II. Chapter II is the Archon Quest in Inazuma.

In this Act, the players will explore the country’s troubled history . This will not only be a continuation of the quest that started on update 2.0 but also be the finale for this act.

Along with the Archon Quest there will also be a story quest for both the Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi. Both of them made only appearances in the previous two chapters you can expect to be able to get know more about them and their own backstory in their own quest.

From the trailer we know that Scaramouche will make a return and play a vital role along with La Signora in this chapter. You can expect to get his backstory from this chapter.

Characters, Banners and Weapons

In update 2.1, we also are getting 3 new characters (there is one more but more on that later). Let us look at on who they are.

From left to right: Sangonomiya Kokomi, Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara

Raiden Shogun

It was a no brainer that we are going to be get the almighty Raiden Shogun as a playable character in update 2.1. Ei, also known as Baal, is not only the leader of the island nation of Inazuma but also is the Electro Archon. She pursues eternity by gathering visions and laying them on a mysterious statue.

She is a five star Electro polearm user.

According to the dev team, they designed her stance and movements to show calmness, majesty and divine power. They also took inspiration from Hassō-no-kamae, sword sheathing, and other actions of Kenjutsu to design her combat movements.

Kujou Sara

She is general of the Tenryou Commision, whom are very people who enforces the Vision Hunt Decree. She appears a couple of times during the previous two chapters.

The only thing we know about her is that she is a loyal to Baal and although she was adopted by the Kujou clan, she is a descendant of the Tengu tribe.

She is a four star Electro bow user. She can do ranged electro damage and can buff the team.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

She is the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island and the leader of Sangonomiya Resistance. It is a because of her strategies and leadership that the resistance have been alive for this long.

She is a five star Hydro catalyst user. She is more of a healer than a fighter and have negative crit rate which means she does not get any benefits from crit rate or crit damage. However, due to this, her healing increases.

Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara will be part of the banner for the first half and the banner will be called Reign of Serenity. The second banner will feature Kokomi and will be called Drifting Luminescence.

The other character that will be released in update 2.1 is this games first crossover character.


Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawns comes to the world of Tevyat during her journey.

She gains a Cyro vision and is a five star bow character.

Her Elemental Burst, “Prophecies of Dawn” sees her throw a Power Cell filled with Cryo in the targeted direction, which she detonates with an arrow, dealing AoE Cryo damage. Not only does her Elemental Skill “Frozen Wilds” and Talents buff herself and her teammates, they also debuff her opponents while dealing Cryo damage.

In update 2.1, only PlayStation users are only able to obtain her although in update 2.2, she can be obtained in other platforms.

The only requirement to get her is that the player have to reach Adventure Level 20 or higher.

Let us look at the new weapons that will be released in update 2.1

We will be getting a five star polearm named “Engulfing Lightning” and a catalyst named “Everlasting Moonglow”.

The five star polearm happens to be the signature weapon of the almighty Raiden Shogun.

In addition we are getting a 4 star polearm named “The Catch” and a claymore named “Luxurious Sea-lord” which happen to look like a fish.

The five star weapons will be part of the weapon banner. We’ll be going into how to get the four star weapons in just a little bit.

For now, let’s keep going own the weapon list.

Along with Aloy, we will also will receive a 4 star bow named “Predator”. When she used the bow her attack gets increased by 66. Dealing Cryo damage to opponents increases its wielder’s normal and charged attack damage by 10% for 6s.

This unique bow can only be obtained from the PlayStation platforms but can be used on any platforms with the cross-save function. However, the weapon’s effect Strong Strike will only applies when playing on PlayStation.

Bosses and Map Changes

In update 2.1, we will be getting 3 new bosses. Lets look at who they are.

First up is the Hydro Hypostasis. “Dew of Repidiation” is the hydro version of the hypostasis bosses that are currently in the world.

Looking at the trailer, it is clear that this boss will act the same way as the Pyro Hypostasis by changing its form to various animals in order to fight. The hydro hypostasis will change into marine creatures.

Second is the Thunder Manifestation. It looks to be the Electro version of the Oceanid. Both of these new bosses may drop character ascension materials for the new characters.

La Signora in her Delusion form

The final new boss is La Signora, The Fair Lady. She is most commonly known as the Eighth of 11 Fatui Harbingers.

She will be the new weekly boss and will likely be the final boss of this chapter the same way Tartaglia “Childe” was.

She is Cyro user and from the trailer she is able to use Pyro in her Delusion form.

She is a formidable opponent with a noble aura and great power.

According to the dev team, they devoted about eight months in designing this battle. They hope to give this character a very special aesthetic by designing her unique movements and effects in battle, as well as her versatile fighting style to transform between Cryo and Pyro and change the battle environment.

Watatsumi Island

Two new islands will also be introduced in this update.

The first one is Watatsumi Island, home of the Sangonomiya Resistance. The island is filled with misty waterfalls and is surrounded by mountains. The island have a dreamy other-worldly scenery and the citizens of the island worship the Great Serpent rather the Electro Archon

Seirai Island

The second island hugely contrasts the first island. The atmosphere of Seirai Island is eerie and gloomy. The island is shrouded in violent storms and have abandoned shrines and wilthering trees.

Both of these island will probably be the homes to the two of the new bosses.


There are a lot of events that are coming in update 2.1.

First is “Moonlight Merriment”. The Traveler travels back to Liyue for the “Moonlight Festival”. During this festival you can cook and sample varieties of Liyue cuisine with Xiangling and Keqing. They will also explore the origins of this traditional festival.

It is in this event that you can obtain the 4 star claymore named “Luxurious Sea Lord”.

Hyakunin Ikki is the second event and is a tag-team fighting tournament in Inazuma.

The players will create six teams of two characters, and earn points by rapidly combo-ing between them to defeat enemies before the time runs out. Imagine a running relay, except with fighting.

The third event is Spectral Secrets. Lately elemental forms as specters have been appearing in large numbers across Inazuma. Katheryne is commissioning adventures to investigate this. The player will dispatch expeditions to follow up on spectre sightings across Inazuma.

Lunar Realm is the final event for this update. In this event you join Kuijrai Momoji, an Inazuma fishwoman on her quest to catch the legendary great fish called “Lunar Leviathan”. Looking at the trailer, the mini-game looks like you have to time when you reel the fish in.

World Changes

After the Lunar Realm event, you will be able to go fishing normally in the game. The players will receive a fishing rod from the event and will be able to catch a variety of fishes for either cooking or to exchange for rewards at the all-new fishing association. You can only fish in certain locations and have to craft special bait depending on your region.

The players are also able to catch and raise ornamental fishes themselves in a special pond in the Serenitea Pot.

Anniversary Event

This coming September is the first anniversary of the game. To celebrate, players can claim up to 10 Intertwined Fate along with abundant resources by participating in the daily login event.

All of the players in all servers will have their Double Crystal top-up bonus reset, which means everyone will be able to enjoy a double amount of Genesis Crystals for their first purchase again.

Finally, there will be an online concert to celebrate anniversary, where musicians from America, Belgium and South Korea whom will cover some of the game’s most well known songs from the soundtrack.

The concert will be broadcast online and will be available to everyone to watch. The date for this event is not revealed yet.

These are all of the things which was revealed in the livestream.

Are you looking for the new update?


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