Gamescom 2021 Details Revealed

Gamescom 2021 is scheduled to go live tomorrow night August 25th, 11pm local time. Like the E3 this year Gamescom is going to be a digital, online-only event.

There are no official announcements as to who will be participating in Gamescom this year. However, it will be interesting to see big names like Sony taking part in this digital event. Since Sony was absent from E3 for some years now it is likely that might be appearing in Gamescom to make an announcement.

Bethesda is also rumored to make an announcement during Gamescom. More information on Starfield, a new original IP revealed during E3 this year might be announced in Gamescom.

How to watch Gamescom 2021?

Since this year’s Gamescom is a digital only event, you can watch the live stream through the following links.


Xbox YouTube

Emmen Gaming Twitch:

Gamescom 2021 Schedule

Gamescom will launch off tonight with the Opening Night Live event and will wrap up on Friday, August 27. Here is the full schedule of the event.

August 25, Wednesday 10:30am PDT (August 25, 11pm GMT+5)

Gamescom Opening Night Live! : Geoff Keighley is set to start the ONL show with exciting announcements, deep dives and game reveals!

August 26, Thursday 10:00am PDT ( August 25, 9:30pm GMT +5)

Gamescom Studio: Hosted by IGN, this event will cover developer interviews and expert analysis on some of the video games highlighted in Gamescom.

  • Vizor Games — Blood of Heroes Exclusive Trailer and Developer Interview
  • Passion Republic Games – GigaBash Official Trailer
  • Techland – Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Dying 2 Know Gamescom Edition

This event will also cover over 40 indie titles including:

Announcement and Reveals

  • Big Sugar – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
  • Team17 – Exclusive Reveal
  • Goblinz Studio – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
  • Batterystaple Games – Exclusive 30XX Reveal
  • Digerati – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
  • Mechanistry – Exclusive Timberborn Reveal
  • VestGames – Eville Showcase and Ghost Gameplay Reveal
  • Goblinz Publishing – Exclusive Unannounced Game Reveal
  • Gato Salvaje Studio – Exclusive The Waylanders Release Date Reveal
  • Townscaper – Secret Townscaper Announcement

Deep Dives and Walkthroughs

  • Hooded Horse and Stutter Fox Studios – Falling Frontier Exclusive Developer Overview
  • Frontier Developments – FAR: Changing Tides Developer Deep Dive
  • Soda Den & Crytivo – Roots of Pacha Gameplay Walkthrough

Trailer Premiers

  • Draw Distance – Serial Cleaners Full Characters Reveal Trailer
  • Modern Wolf – Cantata Exclusive Gameplay Trailer
  • Whisper Interactive – Squadron 51 Official Trailer Reveal
  • ZelArt and HypeTrain Digital – There is No Light Exclusive Release Trailer Reveal
  • Catchweight Studio – CONSCRIPT Exclusive Extended Trailer
  • Hatinh Interactive – Exclusive Tandem A Tale of Shadows Gamescom Trailer
  • Whisper Interactive – tERRORbane Official Trailer Reveal
  • You Suck at Parking – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer
  • Klabater – The Amazing American Circus Exclusive Trailer
  • Tentworks Interactive – City Block Builder Trailer
  • Flazm and META Publishing – Time Loader Exclusive Trailer Reveal
  • Rock&Bushes – Jupiter Moons: Mecha Gameplay Trailer
  • Proxy Studios – ZEPHON Exclusive Teaser Trailer
  • Serenity Forge – Gameplay Trailer for Arcadian Atlas
  • Koch Media – Exclusive Dice Legacy Launch Trailer
  • Redhill Games – Nine to Five Exclusive Announcement Trailer
  • Eremite Games – Against the Storm Official Release Date Trailer
  • Big Pants – Endlight Exclusive Trailer
  • Goblinz Publishing – Diluvian Winds Gameplay Trailer
  • Vixa Games – The Crackpet Show Gameplay Trailer

August 27, Friday 10:00am PDT (August 27, 10:30pm GMT +5)

We have fresh reveals for games like The Medium making it’s way to PlayStation 5 along with the first gameplay trailer for a lot of new titles, including Project Haven. More details below:

  • Bloober Team and Koch Media – The Medium Exclusive PS5 Trailer
  • Digital Cybercherries – Exclusive Hypercharge: Unboxed Campaign Teaser Reveal
  • Digerati – Exclusive Severed Steel PC Release Date Announcement
  • Code Three Fifty One – Project Haven Exclusive Gameplay Trailer
  • Gamious – Lake Game Director Commentary
  • Ratloop Games, Frontier Foundry, and Corey Kasperski – Lemnis Gate Exclusive Reveal and Gameplay Deep Dive
  • Nekki – Spine Trailer Reveal
  • 2P Games – DYING: 1983 Official Gameplay Trailer
  • Dreamplant & All in! Games – Arboria Official Trailer
  • One More Level and 505 Games – Exclusive Ghostrunner DLC Trailer
  • The Farm 51 and All in! Games – Chernobylite “Tatyana Wedding Vows” Trailer
  • Lost Pilgrims Studio – Vagrus The Riven Realms Exclusive Trailer And Launch Date Reveal
  • Freedom Games – Airborne Kingdom Exclusive Console Release Date Reveal
  • ROTU Entertainment – Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA Exclusive Trailer, Release Date Reveal
  • Foxy Voxel – Going Medieval Upcoming Features Exclusive Sneak Peek
  • IllFonic – Arcadegeddon Gameplay Developer Walkthrough
  • Manticore Games – Core Exclusive Game Reveal and Gameplay Trailer
  • Dark Deity – Exclusive Reveal Trailer
  • Sindex – SciGirl: The Internship Gameplay Reveal
  • Green Man Gaming Publishing and Erik Rempen – Exclusive Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Gameplay Walkthrough
  • Enlightened Robot Entertainment – Naser: Son of Man Trailer
  • Headup Games – Headup Games Showcase
  • 505 Games – Grow: Song of the Evertree First Look

This year’s Gamescom certainly is looking like it is going to be the next E3 in terms of new trailers and games that are rumored to be announced.

E3 ended on a high note with Geoff Keighley revealing a gameplay trailer for Elden Ring, there is hope that we may expect a similar reveal during Gamescom as well.


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