Dead Space Developer Stream Highlights

EA announced that they would be remaking the sci-fi horror classic, Dead Space. The announcement was made last month during the EA Play event.

The original was released in 2008 and was developed by Visceral Games. The remake is developed by Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio and will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows.

Last night, the studio did a developer livestream to show very early footage of the game and also give new info about the game.

Let’s look at the stuff which was revealed in this livestream.


Comparison of visuals of the original and remake Source:EA Motive

One of the first things that the developers wanted to show how the visuals of the remake would be. They were keen about letting the audience know that this was from really early in pre-production phase.

In the remake, the environments are built on top of the original game with more details like texture, lighting, and character models. This was seen in a brief moment of footage which was shown in the stream which shows Isaac walking through a hallway.


One of the core mechanics of the original was the dismemberment system.

As the name suggest, the players are able to shoot aliens’ limbs off and this system is also coming back in the remake. The developers show the look of this system in this stream.

The developers are adding a new damage system called Peeling which correlates to the dismemberment system as you are able to remove flesh from your enemies. In a way, this acts as a health indicator of the enemies.

In the remake, the way each weapon reacts to enemies has been completely overhauled. Some weapons are better at dismemberment while others are better at removing flesh.

Each enemy have have new damage model as every part of the body will react to the damage.

Zero-G Therapy Room

Zero-G Therapy Room is among one of the area in the original and in the stream the developers showed an early version of it.

The developers told that they are overhauling the “Zero-G” mechanic. They are improving the physics and this allows 360 degree movement freedom with thrusters.

In the remake there will be new paths and environment to explore along with new challenges.


According to the developers, the foundation of the story will not be changed as it will still have the same core theme and character.

What the developers want to do is that they want to make the narrative richer by making the world building better in this remake.

“The things we want to enrich in terms of story or narrative, it’s really about the bigger universe of Dead Space. We want to have more ties with what came after, whether it’s the books, whether it’s the anime, whether it’s Dead Space 2, we want to put the original in a better way inside that broader universe.” said said creative director Roman Campos-Oriola.


Isaac, the main protagonist in the original is a silent protagonist but not any longer. Gunner Wright who voiced Isaac in the sequels is coming back to voice him in the remake.

Isaac is going to have more dialogue in the game but he is not going to talk a lot. In the original, isolation and silence is among the key aspects that made the game famous and the developers want to continue to.

Hence, the developers made “rules” where Isaac will be able to talk. He can only talk when he is being spoken to and “in a situation where it would feel weird if he remained silent”.

The developers also mentioned that there will be no microtransactions in the game.

This was a brief look at all of the information that was revealed in the livestream.

Are you looking forward to the remake of Dead Space?


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