Niantic Announces Pokemon GO Changes after Fan Outcry

Niantic, the company behind the massively popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO, have announced a series of changes and future plans after a fan outcry over its handling of Covid-19 support in-game.

During the pandemic, Pokemon GO received several alterations to make it accessible to the players stuck at home. This support included things such as increasing the interaction radius of PokeStops and Gyms.

However, Niantic had announced recently that it would be rolling back these positive and protective changes. This caused a massive outcry in the fan community.

Following this outcry, Niantic announced that it would be keeping the interaction radius of PokeStops and Gyms at 80 meters, instead of reducing it to 40 meters. It also said it would roll out seasonal bonuses globally, rather than country-by-country. 

Another change Niantic is making is the publishing of developer diaries every other month, starting in October. These diaries will cover the company’s current priorities, events, and upcoming plans for the game. 

The Known Issues page on the Pokemon GO website will also reportedly be updated and will reflect the status of bugs more accurately.

The changes brought about by Niantic in response to the Covid-19 pandemic had been well-received by many fans. These features helped players continue playing despite being under lockdown. It was also a positive step forward in terms of accessibility.

With Niantic opting to make these player-positive changes to Pokemon GO, the future looks optimistic.


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