Riot Unveiled New Spectrum Skins Designed by ZEDD

Riot Games unveiled the latest skin line for VALORANT yesterday.

The release of this skin line, named Spectrum, is part of a collaboration between world renowned DJ ZEDD, who is a massive fan of the game.

The skin line was teased during the Year One Anthem video and since then, the fans have been eagerly waited for the skins to be revealed.

The game is home to a variety of unique skin designs, which ranges from minimalistic to futuristic bundles of color.

However, the new Spectrum line have an unique feature which is they are audio driven.

The Spectrum skin line consist of: Spectrum Phantom, Spectrum Classic, Spectrum Bulldog, Spectrum Guardian, Waveform melee.

All of the skins can be upgraded up to four tier levels by using Radiante Points (RP), and have three variant colors (purple, red and black). When the players unlock the fourth tier, they will get access to a killer banner and a finisher. When a finisher is done, the color will change every time and it depends on the location and the spike being planted. In addition, a melody will be playing in the game.

The skin line is set to released on 8th September 2021. The Spectrum is part of the Exclusive Price tier. The bundle which includes all the skins, two gun buddies, a player card, and a spray will cost 10,700 Valorant Points, which is roughly $99.99.

All of the skins have a white base with bright LEDs on the side which changes color as you move. The skin line also have a unique animation for kills and firing sounds

When the developers were making this skin line, they first focused on the sound design and then the models.

“For Spectrum, we worked backwards—with audio first, VFX second, and model last,”. “This required us to slightly rethink how we typically produce skins, but also was a fun challenge for the team that allowed us to develop the best skin possible.” said Chris Stone, who is the senior weapon artist

Isaac Kikawa, who is the senior sound designer revealed that ZEDD provided a sound vision for the skins and the devs adjust it to match the gameplay scene. As a result, it created ZEDD’s signature music but did the match the world of VALORANT.

Global Influencer Programs Lead at Riot Games, Aliana Miller revealed on Twitter that the collaboration project took one and a half years to develop and also thanked the dev team for their hardwork.

Senior Producer of Valorant at Riot Games, Preeti Khanolkar also revealed that the Spectrum is the “most ambitious” skin line that has been made since the launch of Elderflame.

Are you looking forward to having a dance party with your friends with this skin line?


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