Nintendo Switch Update Finally Adds Bluetooth Audio Support

A new firmware update allows your Nintendo Switch to be paired with Bluetooth audio devices. Finally. 

Starting today, all Nintendo Switch owners can access this feature through the newest update. 

The Bluetooth audio settings are in the System Settings page and allows you to pair with the Bluetooth audio device of your choice.

Also note that the Switch can only be paired to one audio device at a time, but can remember up to 10 devices.

Another important note is that when paired with a Bluetooth audio devices, only two wireless controllers can be connected to the Switch. Pairing an additional controller will disconnect the Bluetooth device. 

Lastly, Bluetooth microphones will not be compatible with the Switch.

It’s quite interesting that this was something the Switch could always do, hardware wise, but has been unable to due to corporate mandate.

Either way, with this new update, the Nintendo Switch has become more user-friendly.


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