Fall Guys Enters Guinness Book of World Records

Fall Guys: Ultimate Showdown has earned a Guinness World Record for becoming the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time.

The Fall Guys team announced this on social media and their website, thanking the players and fans for helping make it happen.

This announcement comes about a year after Sony revealed that Fall Guys broke the PlayStation Plus record as the most download title on a “global scale”.

The game was made available for free on PlayStation Plus after it was launched in August 2020. This led to the game exploding in popularity globally.

Fall Guys has been consistently introducing content updates such as various skins, promotions, events, and game modes. 

The latest addition was a collaboration with Disney where items and activities based on Disney’s Jungle Book were added to the game for a limited time. The event ran from 3 to 12 September.

Congratulations to the team behind Fall Guys for earning the award and a big shout out to all the fans who took them there.


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