Local Rocket League Mini Tournament Hits the Ground Running

A local Rocket League mini tournament has begun recently and has been making waves.

The tourney, which is called the LB Challenge, is a 2v2 mini tournament and saw 10 teams registered at the start.

The LB Challenge is organized as a single elimination bracket and has been ongoing since 24 September, with the conclusion scheduled for 2 October.

The winning team is set to be awarded 2000 Game Credits and the MVP of the final match will be awarded an additional 500 Game Credits. 

There’s a little something for the viewers during the tournament as well.

If you tune in, you can chat and play minigames to earn pops (Twitch points) and redeem them for song requests from the organizers and more.

Another very significant point to note about this tournament is the fact that it is being organized and run by a single individual.

That individual is local streamer and gaming personality, LordBelmont355. (FB page.) 

He stated that the reason why he organized the tournament is to cater to a demand for Rocket League eSports in the local gaming community. 

You can check out the tournament rules, brackets, and team details on the tournament’s official website, found here.

Additionally, the tournament can be viewed live exclusively on his Twitch account.

We at Emmen Gaming wish both the organizer and the participants the best of luck in their endeavors.

We also look forward to seeing which team ends up climbing to the top.


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