eFootball 2022 Launch Draws Mockery Online

Konami’s successor to the now-ended Pro Evolution Soccer, eFootball 2022, came out this week and has become the target of mockery online.

Currently the worst-rated game on Steam, eFootball 2022 has been lambasted by fans and observers for its bizarre graphics and weird animations.

eFootball 2022 was promoted as an “ever-evolving” football platform and would be free-to-play and regularly updated with new content and modes. This would be significantly different from the annual release schedule of games like FIFA 22.

Despite this interesting pitch, the game was already courting controversy before release due to the lack of content at launch. There are only 9 teams available currently, along with a single exhibition mode and an online mode called “challenge events”.

The lack of game modes and teams were already causing problems with players when the bizarre animations and animation problems went viral.

Let’s take a look at how the Internet is reacting to the whole thing.

While eFootball sounded like an interesting way to compete with FIFA 22 and EA, the barebones launch and the strange graphics have kneecapped the game in a way that could be very hard to recover from.

Not only does this mean that FIFA 22 might launch with barely any competition, there are also rumors that Konami might be looking to revive the Castlevania and Silent Hill series. 

However, if this is the standard of Konami games now, those rumors feel like a prelude to disaster.

Time will tell what will happen to eFootball and Konami’s future projects.


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