Marvel’s Avengers Introduces Paid XP Boosters

Marvel’s Avengers made it’s way to Xbox Game Pass on September 30th, 2021. Following this update, Crystal Dynamics has also made it possible for players to purchase in-game consumables with real money. These consumables will make it possible for players to collect additional XP and other resources in-game.

This move is being heavily criticized by fans as the developers have promised that only cosmetic items would be available for purchase through microtransactions.

Players are voicing out their dissatisfaction on the official Marvel’s Avengers game subreddit. Many players are voicing our their disappointment with Crystal Dynamics for using pay-to-win mechanics in a unique IP like Marvel’s Avengers.

Below is out full review of Marvel’s Avengers. Meanwhile the game had potential, a lot of the mechanics were often buggy and appears unfinished at launch.


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