Epic Games Looking to Make Fortnite Movie

So… it has finally come to this. Epic Games may reportedly make a Fortnite movie in a bit to feed its ever-expansion. 

The source of these reports is an article in The Information which claims that discussions have already taken part for a potential Fortnite film. These conversations were reportedly part of a broader conversation Epic seems to be having about expanding into scripted video programming as a way to diversify the studio’s brands.

The report also notes that three former Lucasfilm employees have joined Epic Games this year. One notable figure was Epic’s new President of Special Projects, Jason McGatlin, who was previously an executive producer for all of Disney’s Star Wars films.

Epic is making these movies while neck deep in a lawsuit against Apple. We’ve covered this topic previously, feel free to get a refresher on what we’ve been calling the Godzilla vs Kong of gaming.

Perhaps Epic is motivated to make back the losses it would undoubtedly suffer due to this App Store ban. Epic seems to be caught up in a similar spat with Google over its Play Store, which also removed Fortnite. 

Fortnite has recently been making news as a virtual platform to host film screenings and concerts. 

Maybe one day, we can watch the Fortnite movie on Fortnite. Wouldn’t that be something…


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