FIFA Looking to Charge EA $1 Billion Every Four Years for Name

FIFA is reportedly looking to charge EA USD 1 billion (with a b) every four years for the rights to use its name in the football video game series of the same name.

According to the New York Times, there is a dispute between the video game megacorporation Electronic Arts and the worldwide football organization, FIFA. The dispute is reportedly over cost and new revenue streams.

As mentioned before, FIFA reportedly wants EA to pay USD 1 billion every four years. It also reportedly wants to limit how much EA can monetize the game.

Perhaps this explains why EA was quoted as saying that it was looking to rename the FIFA series. EA went on to elaborate that the partnership with FIFA was different from other partnerships and that it only gave EA the rights to the FIFA name, logo, and the World Cup. 

The players and official team names will reportedly not be affected.

EA will likely make the decision by the end of the year as FIFA 22 came out this year.

EA has already trademarked the name “EA Sports FC”, which would end up being the franchise’s new name. 

Between “eFootball” and “EA Sports FC”, things don’t look good for the future of football game names.


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