Respawn announces Apex Legends: Escape

After weeks of in-game and Twitter teases, Respawn has announced the newest season of Apex Legends via a trailer. This is going to be the 11th season of the game and is titled “Escape.

The new season is going to be released on 2nd November 2021 and is bringing a lot of new changes.

Let’s look at what we know so far

New Legend

Ash, one of the antagonist of Titanfall 2 is finally joining the roster.

Ash is a simulacrum. Simulacrums are robots with a human mind. When a human is killed, the brain or the mind of that individual is uploaded to a robot. The best example is Revenant, who is the greatest hitman The Syndicate. When he died, they decided to bring him back to life by giving him a robotic body, without his permission. He joined the game to get his revenge.

Some years before the Apex Games took place, Ash’s head was thrown by Blisk to some kind of blue energy blast which caused her head to be transported to an alternative dimension where it was then broken into 9 pieces and scattered across King’s Canyon. In Season 5, Hammond Robotics made a contract with Loba to find the missing pieces. The pieces were collected and Ash’s head was rebuilt and installed into the remains of her body, in the ruins of a facility underneath Slum Lakes in Kings Canyon.

Some time later, Pathfinder discovers Ash lying in a dumpster. He takes her back to his warehouse. He invites Rampart and Mirage later to introduce them to Ash whom he addresses her as his “girlfriend”. During the conversation, Ash’s memory suddenly return due to Rampart. She then secretly contacts Blisk. Blisk clears up the misunderstand that he tried to kill Ash, he tells her that an “old friend” of hers has resurfaced (seemingly Horizon), and they leave Pathfinder’s home together.

Immediately after this flashback she is secretly contacted by Blisk, who later arrives to meet Ash while nobody else is around. After clearing up a misunderstanding that he tried to kill her, he tells her that an “old friend” of hers has resurfaced and left together.

She soon starts to run her own underground deathmatch arena, and eventually Blisk enlisted her to run the Arenas under the Apex Games.

In Season 10, Horizon in her quest to return to the past, seems to recall that Ash is very knowledgeable similar to her friend Lillian Peck, and forcibly unlocked the ego retention system of Ash after acquiring the code from Crypto.

In terms of her abilites, her passive, “Marked for Death”, her own map shows the location of recent deathboxes and also marks surviving players.

Her tactical, “Arc Snare”, she throws a spinning snare that damages and traps the first player who gets into its vicinity.

Her ultimate, “Phase Breech”, using her katana like blade she cuts space which makes a one way portal to a targeted location

New Weapon:

This season adds a brand new weapon called “C.A.R SMG”. It is part of the SMG class and uses Heavy Ammo.

New Map:

After couple of seasons of map changes to current maps, Respawn finally announced they are adding a new map to the game called “Storm Point”.

This is going to be fourth map in the game. The last map, “Olympus” was released in Season 7.

The place is located in the planet Gaea. Storm Point is a tropical island that has an IMC research base which has gone to ruins. This is the largest map put of the four, and about 15% bigger than World Edge which was the previous largest map.

The map features a wide variety of diverse locations, from tropical island hopping to giant mountain slides that allow you to play higher than previous maps.

Unlike the rest of the maps, Storm Point is home to wildlife and adding a new mechanic.

Wildlife Nests offer strategic looting options for the players throughout the match.

Prowlers are aggressive creatures that hunt in packs, and can be found patrolling their Prowler Dens across the map. If they spot you, they will warn that players that they are getting too close and aren’t too friendly to uninvited guests. Keeping your distance leaves the option to engage in your hands. Watch out though, if you choose to engage, more will emerge from the Prowler Dens to defend their territory.

The spider are ranged, web spitting enemies which chooses to engage with their prey from afar before sinking their teeth into them. While squishier than prowlers, these enemies are quick and scurry around to reposition themselves frequently.

In the skies, Flyers will be flying above. They are spawned individually across the map and their positions are randomly selected from a predetermined list of possible spawn locations each match.

Wildlife Nests are shown by the red markes on the map. All nests are static and finite, meaning every match they are always in the same place, with the same type of wildlife and only small variations in their numbers. Once a Wildlife Nest is cleared, it is removed from the map and your squad will get the rewards.

There are three types of rewards you will get in destroying the wildlife nests.

Smart Loot Drops: On death, there is a chance Prowlers and Spiders to drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, in addition to a few consumables and other goodies.

EVO Points: A small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor. This includes Flyers

Crafting Materials: Clearing a Nest rewards a lump of crafting materials which are divided evenly among each squad member in the nest at time of completion.

Here are some more Point of Interests (POI) in Storm Point.

Are you excited for the new season of Apex Legends?


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