Five Character Classes of Elden Ring Revealed

Five playable character classes for From Software’s highly anticipated game, Elden Ring, have been revealed.

This reveal was made by the official Twitter account for Elden Ring and comes just ahead of the closed network test for the game on 12 – 14 November.

The five classes that were revealed are:

  • Warrior: Looking like the Prince of Persia comes the Warrior class. This class looks like the classic Dark Souls Dex build. Their armor is noticeably leathery, perhaps hinting that they can use light or medium armor and not heavy plate. This character is holding a scimitar with both hands and can also dual wield, which is quite typical for From Software’s Dexterity-based characters. Their outfit is visually similar to the Mercenary class in Dark Souls 3.
  • Enchanted Knight: Looking like a Knight and a Mage had a baby comes the Enchanted Knight class. This class looks like the Intelligence or Arcane build for this game. It’s quite notable that this magic user is more armored than the typical mage character. Perhaps this hints at mages not being glass cannons in the game. The weapons this character is holding look like a rod or staff of some sort, further hinting at this character being a caster. 
  • Prophet: Straight from the pages of the Conviction Arc of the Berserk manga comes the Prophet class. This class looks like the Wisdom or Faith build for this game. They seem to be wearing loose robes with a strange wheel-like implement around their neck. They give off major priest vibes. As for weapons, this character seems to be wielding a shield and club combo, which they can also wield with both hands. This might imply that a class with stats split between Strength and Faith or its equivalent in the game.
  • Champion: First off, this class has an amazing look that instantly evokes classic pulp heroes like Conan the Barbarian. This class seems to be an axe wielder of some sort, though it is hard to see what the two-handed weapon might be. It could also be a spear or glaive of some sort. It is also noteworthy that this class seems to wear light to no armor. Perhaps they might have something else like speed or some magic like Pyromancy to balance this out.
  • Bloody Wolf: Wearing the heaviest armor, carrying the biggest sword, and refusing to show their faces, the Bloody Wolf class certainly knows how to stand out. It looks to be a Strength and/or Endurance-based class, mainly because you need Strength for that big sword and you need Endurance to live in armor that heavy. It’s also quite interesting that their faces are completely covered. This might be a very brutal and fun class.

It is not known if all these classes will be available at the start of the game or if there will be more.

For now, this reveal offers us yet another tantalizing glimpse behind the curtain of Elden Ring.

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