New Details About Starfield Revealed

New details about Bethesda’s previously announced game Starfield have been revealed.

The information came from a new Starfield developer diary that was released on Youtube by Bethesda. You can check it out below.

In the developer diary, Todd Howard revealed that the game would have a focus on a grounded and realistic approach.

According to Todd, the team came together to discuss what “space” meant to them and they all came back with the same answer: “To see what’s out there.”

And so, Starfield is reportedly going to be a more realistic and science-based exploration of space. 

That being said, Todd added that despite how grounded they are aiming to make the game, the way the world works will be similar to what is seen in the Elder Scrolls series.

By this, he meant that the game would be in first person and would allow players to pick up and interact with many of the random background items on tables, shelves, and so on. 

So be prepared to stuff your pockets full of “space” cheese wheels for emergency healing.

Todd went on to proclaim that “It’s a universe, not a game”… whatever that means.

On a more interesting note, some of the concept art showed food and other mundane aspects of the world. 

Apparently there will be a focus on culture to make Starfield feel more authentic. Stuff like toys, art, and entertainment will all be woven into the world.

CORRECTION: Starfield is currently slated for release on 11 November 2022.


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