Mega Man Live Action Movie Reportedly Heading to Netflix

Did you know that there has been a Mega Man live action movie in development for a long time?

The movie was being developed by Chernin Entertainment and rumors have been swirling around it for ages.

After a few years of claims that the film would be coming to Netflix, including a listing for Netflix on the film’s IMDb page, it might actually be happening now.

There’s still not a lot to go on but the film was announced in 2018 and apparently has Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura from the old TV show Heroes) as co-producer.

We hope that this resurfacing of the story will reveal more tangible details about the film, which has been an internet rumor for more than a few years by now.

We also hope that Chris Pratt will not be playing the role of Mega Man. Just saying.

In any case, the movie is now apparently definitely happening definitely on Netflix so… guess we’ll see.


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