Final Fantasy Spin-Off Chocobo GP Gets Release Date

Did you know that a kart racing spin-off of the Final Fantasy series was in the works? 

The game, dubbed Chocobo GP, has received a release date along with confirmation that the game will have a free-to-play version.

According to a tweet by Nintendo of America, the game will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on 10 March 2022.

Looking at the content of the game, it will feature a number of different modes.

These include a Story Mode though which you can unlock more and more FF characters, Series Races where you can go up against other players across 4 maps, a Time Attack mode where you can face off against other players’ ghosts, and a Chocobo GP mode where 64 players can compete in an online tournament. 

And of course, the game also allows you to make Custom Races by tweaking the track and race conditions.

Now as for free-to-play… it seems that the game will have an FTP version called Chocobo GP Lite. 

This version will come with fewer characters but will allow players to play the story mode prologue and online multiplayer gameplay, provided that it is hosted by someone with the full game.

We look forward to this game’s release and will bring you more updates as they arrive.
You can wishlist the game here if you want.


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