Steam Offers Battlefield 2042 Players Full Refunds

After a rocky launch, Battlefield 2042 is back in the news again this week with Steam offering dissatisfied players full refunds on the game.

The game originally came out on 19 November 2021 and went on to become one of the worst reviewed games on Steam. It had over 30,000 negative reviews by the end of last year.

Some of the reasons for this backlash included promised features not being in the final game and features of the released game being removed. 

Either way, the developers DICE were not having a good time.

Going back to Steam though, it is worth noting that players can already ask for refunds on games they’ve bought. However, the player needs to meet certain conditions to be eligible for a game refund on Steam.

Some of them include not having a play time of more than 2 hours and asking for refund within 14 days of purchase.

All that being said, it seems that Steam is making an exception for Battlefield 2042. 

A Reddit user known as u/Roboserg posted about their refund on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit. They said that the play time was over 2 hours and that it was after 14 days but Steam gave them the refund anyway.

However, the responses from other players below proved to be more varied. PS and XBox users don’t seem to be getting any sort of refund on their purchases.

Considering the strict criteria for refunds on Steam, this relaxation of the standards perhaps lets us get a glimpse at how the platform views Battlefield 2042 as a product at the moment. And it doesn’t look good.

Battlefield 2042 currently sits at a 68 critic score and a 2.1 user score on Metacritic.


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