Samsung Evolves Mobile Gaming With S22 Ultra

Hello there, Fellow Emmen Gaming readers! It’s me Salahudin101. We’re here with some tech news. Finally, Samsung has unveiled their new flagship Phone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It looks beautiful, stunning, futuristic and we must wait till February 25 for worldwide availability. We know this may feel like an eternity waiting for the devices to get delivered to us. But there is some good news. Samsung has given out their Galaxy S22 ultra for some YouTube reviewers. The reviewers already had the handset for some time, and they are doing some examinations to help us make an advised choice.

Among those reviewers is He tested out Galaxy S22 Ultra, most notably a gaming test. The S22 ultra was tested against Apple’s latest iPhone 13 Pro Max. With his gaming test examination, we learned a couple of things.

Performance: when it comes to performance, Apple’s A-series bionic chip stands at the top: both in computing power as well as in graphics capability. But after introduction of the S22 Ultra it looks like that is finally changing. Here is the reason; Genshin Impact is one of the most demanding games available on both Android and iOS when it comes to hardware. So, it’s an excellent way to experiment with the capability of the GPU of modern smartphones. During playing the Genshin Impact, iPhone 13 Pro Max was able to get 39FPS at the same time Galaxy S22 Ultra ran at 42FPS. The tests ran for 20 minutes on both devices. We already knew few months ago that Qualcomm had finally beaten Apple when they revealed the GPU benchmarks. It’s good to know that Samsung chipsets optimization plays a key role to bring out the best performance and so far, it appears Samsung has done a great job by optimizing the S22 Ultra.

Thermal Cooling: Right now, this optimized performance will eventually start heating up the phone and the phone throttles in a short period of time. These issues were common to Nnapdragon 8 gen 1 of Xiaomi smartphones. A lot of us were concerned this could be happening to S22 Ultra but those concerns were needless. After 20 minutes of Genshin Impact, he measured the temperatures of the smartphones. The S22 Ultra was at around 40 degrees Celsius while the iPhone 13 Pro Max was at 45 degrees Celsius. It faired 5 degrees Celsius cooler than the iPhone 13 Pro Max in 20 minutes which in our opinion is significant difference. Now, you may perhaps question why Snapdragon 8 gen 1 is heating up in Xiaomi’s phones even though it’s running normally in Samsung’s. Well, that’s due to Samsung’s new cooling technology on the S22 Ultra where they have increased the area of the vapor chamber as well installed a new thermal paste for better heat transfer and finished it with a bigger graphite sheet for additional cooling which is neither in Apple’s devices nor in Xiaomi’s.

Battery life: When it comes to battery life of S22 Ultra currently, iPhone 13 Pro Max is still the king.

Gaming Streaming services and Emulation: When it comes to game streaming services, Jedi Fallen Order was tested with Xbox Game pass. It handles well if the network connectivity is good. Jedi Fallen Order ran at 60 frames per second consistently. By combing S22 Ultra and GameSir X2 USBC it looks like a PSP or Nintendo Switch. Marvel VS Capcom 2 was also tested with a dream cast emulator. The S22 Ultra processor handled this emulator rather well. We think when you look at this device overall, in terms of gaming features, it will be able to handle almost everything. so, if you’re looking to play Games on the go S22 Ultra, is the must have smartphone of the year.

So far it’s very rare for Samsung to have done a good job on every aspect of the phone, But it looks like they got the job done this time with the S22 Ultra.

Stay tuned to Emmen Gaming for more tech and gaming related news.


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