Local Apex Legends Tournament Announced

A new local Apex Legends Tournament has been announced.

We caught up with some of the organizers and asked them about it.

This is what we learned.

  1. What’s the tournament all about?

This tournament focuses on Apex Legends.

There will be total of 40 3-player teams. A total of 120 players will play in this tournament.

There are going to be 2 groups and the best 10 teams of each group will advance to the final, which will see the best 20 teams go head to head.

In the group stages, there will be 4 match days. On each match day, a total of 4 matches will be played. Of these four match days, two of them will decide which teams will advance to the finals.

The 20 teams who advance from the group stage will fight in the finals for the top spot.

There are 3 match days in the final stage and the team with the highest points will win the tournament.

2. Who is organizing the tournament and who can enter?

This tournament is organized by the Apex MV community in the Maldives.

After the successful Apex Legends tournament that was held by E2S a couple of months back, we wanted to hold another tournament.

This is a tournament which is open to everyone. There is no age restriction for this tournament, whether you are a kid or adult, you are welcome with open arms.

However, this tournament is open only to Maldivians.

3. When is the tournament and when is the deadline for registration?

The tournament will be held from 4th March to 15th March.

The registration deadline is at 5pm on 1st March, so go and register the tournament soon!

4. Where can players register and where is the tournament held?

The players can enter this tournement by the Apex Mv discord server but you could use the link right here.

This is going to be an online competition and the entire tournament will be streamed on Twitch from “Streamers Mv” channel.

5. Why are you hosting this tournament and why did you choose this game?

The reason we wanted to hold this tournament is because Apex Legends is a game where it is really hard to have a competition due to limitations set by Respawn.

There is a special code that is needed to hold custom matches and since we got one, we want to hold a tournament.

Until now, we’ve been holding Skrims every now and then and very recently, we even held a 1v1 tournament.

In these tournaments, we ended up seeing many new players and we wanted to give them the recognition they deserve.

The Apex Legends community is getting bigger day by day. We have seen many new players and now, there are two fully established rival clans in the country!

This tournament is actually giving both clans the opportunity to play against one another in an official tournament basis for the first time.

Of course, regular players can enter as well. We want this tournament to be a fun tournament for all!

6. What prizes are up for grabs?

The prizes for this tournament will be announced before the tournament starts.

7. What are your expectations for the tournament?

We wanted to create a place where both PlayStation players and PC players can come together and play Apex with one another at the same place.

Due to the voice chat restriction, it was hard for the players in both platforms to play together.

After the news of the Discord partnership with PlayStation we are hoping that it will be easy for the voice chat in the future

8. Are there any other details of the tournament that you want to highlight?

If there is one detail that we want to highlight is that rules will be strictly enforced.

There will be no toxic talk and disrespect between the teams.

There will be only one warning given to the offending teams. Further infractions will get them kicked out of the tournamnet.

9. What can you tell us about your future plans after this tournament?

We would like to learn from this from the experience holding from this tournament and use it make the future tournaments better than before.

One of our goals is to host more premade Apex Legends tournaments in the future.


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