Sign Ups Ongoing for Local Valorant League

Hello everyone. Today, we will be taking a look at an upcoming local Valorant league organized by Game Room.

We caught up with them and got to learn a little about the upcoming event.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up for local Valorant players, courtesy of Game Room.

(Edited for clarity)

  1. Who is organizing the league and who can enter?

The league is organized by us, Game Room, and is powered by Ooredoo Maldives and RedBull.

  1. What is the league?

The league is a seeding procedure for the major Valorant tournament that will follow right after the league.

We are allowing up to 20 Teams per league. All teams will play LAN matches against each other.

Each win is 3 Points, and a loss is 0 Points. The top 8 teams at the end of the league will be qualified to the tournament, where they will battle for a huge cash prize.

  1. When is the league and when is the deadline for registration?

The league will start on March 6th, therefore the deadline for registration is March 5th.

  1. Where can players register and where is the tournament held?

All players who are participating in the league must be a member of Game Room, as the League is a LAN league and will be played inside Game Room.

Players can register for the league through the link in our Instagram Bio (@g.a.m.e.r.o.o.m). The tournament will also be held at our location at Game Room.

  1. Why are you hosting this tournament and why did you choose this game?

We are hosting this tournament to find the best team in Maldives and to give the players of that team a chance to play abroad.

Our main goals are to help develop eSports in the Maldives and for it to be recognized as a professional career.

We chose Valorant due to its popularity among the local gaming community and because we believe that Valorant is still growing as a community favorite.

  1. How can viewers watch?

Viewers will be able to watch the matches for the League as well as the tournament on YouTube/Twitch.

We will also be live streaming the match at Highway Coffee Shop right above Game Room.

Best part about the stream is that live commentary will also be provided throughout the Tournament.

  1. What prizes are up for grabs?

For the tournament, we have a cash prize pool of MVR 25,000.

The Champion team gets MVR 15,000, Runner-ups get MVR 7,500 and the Third place gets MVR 2,500.

  1. What are your expectations for the tournament?

Our expectation for the tournament is that we will be able to thoroughly scout the community for the best in Maldives.

We are very excited to be able to host this event as it is our dream as gamers, to be able to provide international opportunities for our players.

  1. Are there any other details of the tournament that you want to highlight?

We would like to highlight that, by organizing a LAN League/Tournament, we want each and every player to experience the difference of atmosphere, the adrenaline rush of hearing your teammates cheer you. To be able to celebrate wins and console each other during losses together.

This is because LAN experience is on a whole another level compared to online tournaments.

  1. What can you tell us about your future plans after this tournament?

Our main goal is to become an official platform for players to be able to reach the international playing fields of eSports.

Therefore, we will be organizing more leagues and tournaments in the near future. This doesn’t stop at Valorant.

We believe that there are players with huge potential within our community and we will be there to help them achieve their goals as a professional eSports athlete.

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