Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.08 Out Now

Guerrilla Games has released another patch for Horizon: Forbidden West that will see multiple changes across the board.

The patch fixes many main quests, side activities, graphical issues, and performance flaws.

The developers has confirmed that it is looking into problems revolving around shimmering, sharpening, and screen saturation.

Another issue on the list is fast travelling while inside a tornado, and one more is the lack of rewards from Black Box Collectibles. The team will continue to investigate these problems.

The fix which caught our eyes was the fix where Aloy’s breathing sounds were playing during a cinematic sequence for the main quet “Thebes”

The full patch notes can be read below:

What do you think about these changes and updates?

Have you been playing Horizon: Forbidden West? How do you like it?

Our written review of Horizon: Forbidden West will be out soon.


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